Marketing With QR Codes

BOOM! 5 Ways to Scale up your e-Commerce business with easy to use QR Codes

Whether you are big or small in the online e-Commerce business, you would definitely be exploring new ways of marketing and business promotion strategies all the time. Yeah! Here’s one of the exclusive digital ways to promote your business and increase your penetration and reach to your niche. QR Codes is an exclusive low cost digital tool which is booming in Asia, including Indian markets.

What exactly are QR Codes?

QR Code refers to Quick Response Codes which are very commonly used by businesses in Japan. As the name suggests, they can be ready quickly by your smartphones and hence generate a quick response from the end user. QR codes may be seen on magazine advertisements, billboards, webpages and product packaging etc. Once it is scanned through your smartphone, you may be able to fetch the desired details about that business and many other related pieces of information which might be helpful for the user. 

QR Codes may be static or dynamic. Static QR Codes do not get updated and remains with the static piece of information initially captured by the code. QR Codes can capture diverse forms of information like contact number, small details, email id etc. In such a situation, you can directly store the information in the QR Code. Dynamic QR Codes do not require any change over time since the same QR Code can provide latest updated information all the time. These can store large data including images, promotion offers, terms and conditions and so on. In such a situation, you would be required to create a webpage and then create QR Code which contains the url of that webpage. 

What businesses should use QR Codes?

Many people consider QR Codes to be fad or dead technology. However these QR Codes have a great potential to engage customers in different ways. Whether it is about asking consumers to download the app or about a promotional discount offer, the same QR Code does it all with a single scan. They are extremely user-friendly and hence carry the potential to drive usage of QR codes as compared to site links or other information strategies. Thus any business, big or small, has the scope of expanding their reach and increasing their business volume with a hassle-free, low investment method. 

5 Ways to Use QR Codes for Scaling Up Your Business

#1 Visually Attractive Marketing Gimmicks

Have you been wondering that QR Codes are boring, bland black and white jumbled images to be scanned? When it is about utilizing great marketing gimmicks for brand promotion, you don’t have to restrict yourself to dull and weird QR code images. The UK-based advertising agency ‘Stupid’ demonstrated the power of visually attractive QR codes by using simply stupid images as marketing strategy. In 2011, they promoted app download of ‘Angry Birds’ using pigs and bricks in their QR Codes. Similarly, Instagram was promoted using photos and Shazam using speakers respectively. You may consider a reasonable provider if budget is a constraint.

#2 Creating Actionable Engagement

Traditional advertising like brochures, pamphlets, billboards, newspaper ads etc. do catch attention. People look at these advertisements and get the communication as well. But how many times do they take action immediately or afterwards on their smartphones after viewing that traditional advertisement? Almost negligible! QR Codes will allow you to engage the customers while they look at those advertisements. They may be created digitally but their reach is not confined to digital spaces. You can successfully engage your target audience and make them access promotional and discount information by scanning the QR Codes.


#3 Long Term Relevance

The initial launch of QR Codes may have witnessed friction due to insufficient planning and inappropriate implementation. However they regained momentum in 2017 when Apple included QR Reader feature in its iPhones. With improved awareness of how and why of QR Codes, it is possible for small business to engage people with their marketing campaigns within their budgets. Also QR Codes are a less cost-restrictive marketing tool. Hence it supports you in expanding your business operations in the long run. Also by using dynamic QR Codes, the same codes on your packaging continue forever.

#4 Modernized Financial Transactions

Digital payments are becoming more preferred in the present ‘post-pandemic’ times. Various surveys have forecasted the growth of digital payments and financial transactions. With increased security and promotional offers, people are becoming digitally smart in using wallets etc. and avail beneficial offers and discounts. It also ensures that your cards etc. are not handled by other people. By use of digital payments, traditional brick and mortar shops can accept payments by partnering with digital wallets. This allows them business expansion and promotes cashless transactions. Thus QR codes at your store will allow customers to happily make digital payments from their preferred digital wallets.

#5 Providing Detailed Information

Not everything can be absorbed in one go through a passing billboard. Not all information can be printed on a brochure or a newspaper ad. Don’t worry as your QR Codes can solve this problem for you. Foods and medicines which are related to health are the most popular example where QR codes lead them to a web page which provides all the necessary information about the product. This allows the manufacturer to keep the packaging with concise details without having the overflow of information. You can do the same for your products and services. The QR code will allow the curious customers to go through the information on their convenient device and take an immediate decision with clarity about the product or service.

The more you understand your end customer and their psychology, the better will you be able to satisfy them. Many startups have come up with online services pan India. And BOOM! Here comes the happy ‘sales’ and an easy way to scale up your e-Commerce business.


How expensive will it be?

Many people wonder that they have already invested in Barcodes and now there would be another expensive affair in considering QR Codes as well. However the fact is the generation of QR Codes is not an expensive deal. Many printers and business owners can provide it absolutely free.  You may also generate QR Codes through online QR Code Generator Websites. 

You could go check 2D code service providers, there are plenty of them. Amongst all I found Eicash to be the best. They provide QR Codes integrated with their own platform for ratings reviews and several other functionalities like store links, marketing posters and videos etc. They are offering a lifetime deal in just 49 USD. Grab the offer before it ends.   


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