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1. Industry Experience Framework

Salesforce | Sep 2021 – Feb 2022

What is it ? 
It is a Design System that started as an extension of Salesforce Lightning Design System for Digital Self Serve Use Cases.  

After recieving positive feedback from customers the design system got approval for full extention and upgradation. Later Executive Leadership announced the start of Kondo Design System to be the future of Salesforce Design System. 
IEF will get merged to Kondo DS

Vision and Current Status 
The Vision was to create a design system that meets the solves for modern problems and A11y. The proposed roadmap comprised of the following :
– Illustrations Guidelines
– Illustration Animations 
– Component Library
– Starter Kits for different Clouds/Industries 

Currently we have finished the fundamental design system, we are expanding our Component Library and have starter kits for all Industry clouds. Illustration Animations have been ruled out by LT due to resource constraints.

Management Facts 
– 9 Member Team. 
– Team Composition : Mix of Thinkers and Doers. 
–  Team Specialisations : UI Engg, Visual Designer, UX Designer, UI Designer
– Foundational work took 4 months to complete
– Component Library and Starter Kits will take 3 more months (Year Long Project)

Highlights of IEF

Widely used accross Salesforce Industries Product Space. Currently being used in Self Serve Portal Use Cases.

2. CRM AI and Analytics

Salesforce | Mar 2022 – Present

What is it ? 
It is about smart and Intelligent services. Analytics and Einstein AI is a very crucial and a clear diffrentiator for Salesforce. By using the power of data it provides actionable insights and predictions for business.

I provided support for all Analytic and AI requirements of Salesforce Industries. I designed Scoring Framework from scratch that later became very crucial to to incorporate GPT related enhancements.
As AI and Analytic work was increasing by each day, I created a CRM Analytics Playbook for Industry UX consumption.

Vision and Current Status 
The Vision was to provide intelligence to all Industry clouds. The proposed roadmap comprised of the following :
– UX Workload Management Process for efficiency and resource management
– Analytic Playbook for enabling Designers to quickly create quality mocks.  
– Einstien GPT patterns to have consistency and scalability in design and development.

Currently Playbook has completed Phase 1 out of 3, Einstien GPT has completed Phase 2 out of 3. 

Management Facts 
– Analytics Team Size : 3 
– AI Team Size : 2
– Team Composition : High Performing Designers 
– Team Specialisations : Product Designers
– Cross Collaboration with All Industry Clouds
– Organised DesignAthon events to generate ideas for GPT use cases in quick turn around time.

Highlights of CRM AI and Analytics

Widely used accross Salesforce Industries Product Space. Currently being used in all Intelligent Epics