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Design & Product Ecosystem (Current)


Design Ecosystem : New Design Sub System of SLDS for B2C needs, Kinetics Motion Design
Product Ecosystem : In depth Research, CRMA, AI Integration, Builder Platform, Einstein Framework for All Industries ( Comms, Edu, Media, Loyalty, FSC & Insurance, CG, Auto, AI, HLS, Hospitality, Sustainability, E&U ) 
The focus of the project was to create Market Fit Products and Innovate solutions to get Competitive Advantage. These are Critical and High ACV products of salesforce.

UX Project

Daily Nivesh

Challenge 1 : Increase User acceptance for both investors and Advisors
The project revolves around making an efficient and aesthetic platform of Advisors for different types of trading and investment needs of Users. Directly worked with the Founder and guided the tech team

UX and NPD (SAAS) Project

Treebo Hotels

Challenge 1 : Increase User Acceptance in the New Normal for B2C and B2B
Challenge 2 : Mobile CRM for B2B
The focus of the project was solely on problem solving and enhancing user experience. Research Involved mostly Stakeholder interviews.

UX Project

Mystt Chocolates

Challenge 1 : Digital Transformation
Played decision making role, helped the founders solve business problem via design  solutions.  In depth market research and User research was done.

UX (Research only)

Blue Stacks

Challenge 1 : Detailed User Research
User persona, User journey included.
Worked with Design Team 

UX Project

Game Berry ( Ludo Star )

Challenge 1 : Increase User acquisition and retention.
User persona only.
Short project, helped Design team with User research and Suggestions. 

UX Project

Eicash Pvt Ltd

Challenge 1 : Brand Redesign
Challenge 2 : Increase reward redemption rate
Challenge 3 : Team Building
Worked with founders and helped them in client acquisition also. 


Kinetic Typography

Motion art


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